This unit has an entirely different installation than the rest we’ve listed so far. Swimming Pool Lights, ONEVER 12V Underwater Lights Submersible Led Lights for Inground and Above Ground Pool Pond Aquarium Hot Tub with RGB Remote Controller £41.99 £ … It's the perfect way to keep your pool as environmentally friendly as possible. You'll find a good deal of great portable underwater brightening system like bulb or led on the market. 99 List List Price $139.99 $ 139 . About 4% of these are LED Rope Lights, 10% are Pool Lights, and 7% are Holiday Lighting. Below, let's take a more in-depth look at some of the various options you have at your disposal. guide to getting the top above ground vacuum cleaner. View All Automatic Pool Cleaners; Above Ground. This is also a relatively affordable choice. A wide variety of waterproof led light swimming pool rope light options are available to you, such as color temperature(cct), lamp body material, and ip rating. Hangs over the pool wall. As with anything else, it’s crucial to follow instructions. Solar pool lighting for above ground pools can help you conserve energy and avoid the need for a battery or electrical connections. The most powerful lights are those powered by electricity. Decide where the pool light will be placed and how deep. Because these lights don't require direct attachment to any surface, they're perfect for above ground pool owners who want to avoid complicated installation. Magnetic lights work only on vinyl pools, while some require a power source nearby. With RGB LED strip lights, you can choose from a ton of dynamic color-changing and single-color modes with adjustable brightness and speed control. All of this can be found in our in-depth above ground pool lights review below. Not only does this product offer above ground pool lighting, but it also comes with a water return fitting selection. JULYFIRE White 33FT 6000K 100 LED Solar Outdoor Rope Lights, Waterproof Upgraded 1000mRh Battery, for Party Pool Christmas Roof Deck Festival Halloween Garden Wedding View All Aqua Products; Robotic; Suction Side; GLI. And while this may seem like a nuisance, it's actually a bit of a blessing in disguise. Consider the power needed and how many will be necessary. Make sure that everything is in working condition when you open the packaging. Also, it has to be waterproof safe as it will be outside. Before you purchase LED pool lights, check your city’s code requirements. RGB LED strip lights are a great way to add a pop of color to your above-ground pool. The light is fitted with energy-efficient quartz light with a rated life of 3,000 hours. Our number one priority is to ensure that you, the customer, receive the highest quality and safest online shopping experience possible. This pool light is explicitly designed for Intex pools. 20’ x 42’ pools and up require three or more lights. Best Above Ground Pool Lights (LED & More), SUNWIND Swimming Pool Floating Solar Underwater Lights, Verdict: Invest in the Right Pool Lights This Summer, SUNWIND Swimming Pool Floating Solar Underwater Lights. Pentair 2010-Convertible AquaLuminator, 5. These are the most searched, highest-rated, and top quality above ground pool lights currently on the market. However, it can be installed on any vinyl pool as long as it isn’t too thick for the electric current to go through and power the light. These are battery-operated lights that come 4 in a pack, each with remote control. Below, let's take a look at some of the core benefits you'll find if you purchase a light for your above ground pool. The Pentair 98600000 2010-Convertible AquaLuminator combines water return and above ground pool light into one. To prevent excessive use of electricity or possible damage, the light has an automatic shut-off feature after 2 hours. Here is a breakdown of all of them to better understand which light is suitable for your pool and needs: IP65 – Protection against projected water from a nozzle. We would love to hear from you! Choosing a light depends mainly on the pool size, but other factors are essential, as well. If you don't have access to an electricity source in your yard, you may need to consider a sun-powered light or a light that offers battery power. There are many manufacturers and products available on the market today. Types of Above Ground Pool Light Installations: Best Above Ground Pool Lights Comparison Chart, Magnetic mounting system, Illuminates up to 24Ft pools, Best Above Ground Pool Lights – (Recommended Picks), 3. You can get up to eight hours of brightness per night after a full day of charge. Although some above ground pools don’t require electricity or cables, it’s essential to understand the dangers of underwater pool lighting and how to prevent potential accidents. After extensive research, we’ve found the following products, listed in no particular order, to be the highest rated. These low-voltage LED lights can be applied to the inside rim of your pool or around your pool deck. – With most above ground pool lights, you will get a transformer, so double-check. There are now tons of different great options for your above ground swimming pools. AAA batteries operate the LED lights, so you won't need a direct electricity source to keep your pool illuminated. The Intex LED Pool Wall Light is a convenient bulb that attaches to the side of your above ground swimming pool. If you want your above ground pool to resemble a traditional swimming pool as much as possible, you may have to consider finding a light for your pool's wall. Safety and Security – This is, by far, the most compelling advantage. Buy Rope Style Patio Lights at Pool Central with $5 Shipping on all Orders. This will prevent a minute problem from becoming dangerous or irreversible. As the summer approaches, thousands of Americans purchase and use above ground pools to add entertainment to the extended summer days. We’ve put together a comprehensive list of the best above ground pool lights available on the market today. There are few drawbacks to pool lights. Pool Guides Copyright © 2020.All Rights Reserved. Reduced Opportunities for Fun – If you have lights strung above the pool, you won’t be able to play with beach balls or other toys in the pool as easily. It's a good choice if you need a low-cost party light for your above ground pool. One of the main benefits of LED lights, aside from being so energy-efficient, is that they come available with many color options. Via the unique shape of the lens, it will shine longer and stronger. There is a minimal learning curve when it comes to how to install above ground pool lights, and simply following the provided instructions generally does the tick. 20’ x 40’ pools require two lights. Homly Pool Lights, Led Pool Lights for Inground Pool, Magnetic Pool Light for Above Ground Pool Lights with Suction Cups, Ip68 Waterproof Led Light, Underwater Lights Color Changing Led Lights 4 Sets 3.9 out of 5 stars 103 In its automatic cycling mode, it is great for parties and outdoor entertainment. The only downside is that some customers have complained that the manufacturer did not package the light correctly. Considering the price, though, it’s still not a bad deal. If you're looking for lighting system on a budget, this certainly fits your requirements. Also, they are waterproof up to 1 meter of water and maybe damaged if you try to weigh them down to the bottom of the pool. This is the case especially for solar and battery operated lights. Review each of these products to see which will fit your pool best. You can manually turn the light on and off. Looks Good – It’s nice to look out in the back yard and see a beautifully lit pool. Enjoy your pool longer and improve your outdoor living experience with our wide variety of above ground pool lights. HOMOGOSubmersible LED Lights This waterproof above ground pool light comes with 10 LED lights, 16 static modes and 4 color changing modes. Leslie’s Pool Supplies, Service & Repair, is your local neighborhood pool store. Above ground pool lights are a fun accessory to have in any above ground pool. Thanks for reading and as always – stay put! Although the bulb lasts several years, it’s important to note that you don’t have to buy a new fixture. There are no batteries, no cables, and no worries about electricity or installation. Many people share the size pool they have and how well the light covers it. So if it is a light that is connected to your electrical system, consider an LED light that will reduce operational expenses drastically. The best way to go is a color option that also has white in the list of colors that you can choose. While this is an excellent benefit, it might not be the right one for you if you need something extremely powerful. Featuring a water-resistant O-ring and IP67 waterproof, they are further secured by a double-layer waterproof material. Pentair 2010-Convertible AquaLuminator; 3.4 4. The light also comes with a 6-month warranty that is backed by impressive customer service ready to help in any way they can. As it is so powerful, a single light can illuminate a pool up to 24 feet in diameter. This Intex LED Light is one of the most innovative above ground pool lights on this list. Included in the purchase are a bulb, flow detector, gaskets, wall flange, fitting body, and nut. Generally, approximately 4.5 watts per square meter are suitable. There’s no doubt that a lit pool looks better than a dark spot in your yard. Be sure to wash with fresh water before storage. Above ground pools are an affordable way to access a pool at your home or property. If not swimming in the pool for an extended time take out hanging and magnetic lights. The best thing about lights for above ground pools is that there is a wide variety of options and prices available. Extends Swimming Time – Summer days may be long, but when it comes to enjoying your pool, they are never long enough. If you select an LED light, keep in mind that a 40-watt LED light is equivalent to a 300-watt incandescent light. Not only do they offer a range of great aesthetic benefits, but they can also help make your pool safer during the night. Featuring 16 colors with 4 different modes and brightness adjustment, the possibilities are endless. Fortunately, above ground pool lighting is often very affordable. 99 This light's primary feature is that it's powered by sunlight. The Intex LED Wall Light has a 120V plug and comes with a 12V transformer. Just inflate the ball, enjoy it during the day, and let it brighten your nights. As this is an LED light, it will be bright, while still energy-efficient. If you're looking for a submersible type that gives high-quality light for your above-ground pool, this is a great option. If no lumen is listed, check the feedback of the product. The UBEGOOD Submersible LED lights are a perfect inexpensive example of this. If you're wondering which above ground pool lighting are best for your pool, it's essential to compare various brands before you make a purchasing decision. We also recommend that you have a certified electrician install your lights. This light consists of two parts. They are the most energy-efficient powerful lights currently on the market, and if you have the budget for the initial investment, they will pay for themselves in no time. Above Ground Pools. – This comes down to your personal taste. Below, let's take a look at a few benefits that some of the best pool lights offer to their users. Whether with lights to illuminate it entirely or just decorative light to add to the ambiance. Sun-powered lights draw energy from sunlight and use it to power your lights. Pentair claims that the product can fit pretty much any standard water return hole within the United States, but it's still essential to ensure its suitability for your particular pool. On the other hand, if you're having a party, a product that changes colors can always be a great accessory and liven up the mood. - No, this is for an above ground pool only. Why even create the potential for an accident. Keep in mind this is not a suitable light for above ground pools with metal walls. Find all the newest Colors, Styles, and Sizes to brighten up your Swimming Pool Area this Summer! For white lights, unless it is for controlling brightness, it’s not absolutely necessary. Return flow lights depend on your pump power. Whether it’s a rechargeable floating light or a fully underwater pool light, In The Swim offers many different ways to use above ground pool lighting. Although it does require a bit more work to install than the others in the list do, it is still relatively simple. Inexpensive in Comparison – Most above ground lights are relatively affordable, especially when compared to inground lights. Die-cast housing can be poured into concrete and strong stainless steel and glass trim and lens can withstand foot and light vehicle traffic. It easily floats in water to bring the light you need to illuminate your pool. At POOLplaza, pool supplies are our only business. Another product that has made waves in recent years has been floating lights for your pool. Even if you aren’t in the pool, if you used pool lighting, the glowing water becomes a beautiful sight in the evening. If you want to control your pool light remotely, some premium ones now come with remote control access. We have the solution to all your pool and spa needs. The following product on our list is another outstanding LED light. We believe we’ve put together the most comprehensive above ground pool review out there. Some of the less expensive pool lights also have a limit as to how long they can stay on and cannot be left in the pool when not in use. It uses magnetic tech to produce a low voltage current via your pool’s wall and offers more brightness than most 50W halogen lights. IP67 – Protection against immersion at depths of 150m – 1000m for 30 minutes. Their unique design allows them to float on the water, adding to the fun of your nighttime swim. This makes it challenging to determine what type of light you need, let alone select the ideal product. While these lights aren't completely waterproof, they are water resistant. Pool Kits. 3 Best Above Ground Pool Lights – (Recommended Picks) 3.1 1. Call us on (855) 280-7665. Overall, among the products on this list, this is one of the most reliable options if you're operating on a budget. But it's still critical to take a look at some of the other features that you find with famous pool illumination system. Intex 12#x27; x 30quot; Metal Frame Round Above Ground Swimming Pool with Filter Pump. They float on top of the water and will glow throughout the night. ►Amphibious Orb Light: Excellent waterproof light up ball is not only a glow balls decorating your swimming pool, but also a color-changing ambiance night light to any... ►Customizable Colors and Multiple Controls: 16 static RGB colors, 5 brightness adjustments and 4 dynamic lighting modes(FADE, SMOOTH, FLASH, STROBE), cordless design... ►Eco-friendly and IP65: The orb shell one-shot molding of toy-grade Polyethylene, completely waterproof and dustproof without any gaps, completely free of UV, IR, lead,... Comes with 16 different colors and four different color modes, A remote control also available for purchase, You need to replace batteries after a few uses, 28' cord (including transformer and plug), Comes with a longer extension cord of 28”, Doesn't require alterations to your above ground pool, Submerses in your pool to create a traditional feel, Must fit your above ground pool's water return hole, Light and return fitting, 25-inch plug-in cord, Deluxe retail packaging, fits most aboveground pools, Pressure cleaner adapter is not included with this item, Provides hassle-free access to a pool light. Compared to halogen lights, LED strip and rope pool lights can last up to ten times longer. Though not a pool light to illuminate your pool fully, this decorative light will be the talk of the party. Learn more and read the full guide on how to install LED strip lights for pools. If you're wondering why it is so vital for your swimming pool, you may not realize what incredible benefits you'll get by investing in one. – The higher the wattage, the more electricity the light will use. NiteLighter NL100 LED White Pool Light, Benefits and Drawbacks of Above Ground Pool Lights. You can also choose between four different light modes. Also, this means that you won't have to alter your current pool to suit the needs of your pool light. Power around water is risky, and taking extra precautions is vital. For more in depth information please call the AQ Lighting tech department at 800-865-7221. There are sixteen different choices aside from the usual white one. The first thing that you have to determine is the type of above ground pool light that you're looking to buy. The two pieces connect via a magnet, and the unique magnetic technology generates a low voltage current to power the light. We offer the best selection of pool and spa chemicals, pool cleaners, pool equipment, cleaning accessories and pool inflatables and floats. This Pentair AquaLuminator requires a direct energy source, so you'll need access to a powered plug to use this light effectively. Directional flow water jet insures proper water filtration. Many pool owners like taking a dip in the pool at night, especially if you’re having a late-night get together with friends. You don't want a nasty surprise later down the road. – Some lights attach to the pool through holes designated for filtration, while others use magnets or attach on top of the pool lining. If you want access to the control system from a distance, this is a great choice. They are usually plug-and-play type lights and require little electrical knowledge. Unlike other above ground pool lights, which need weights or flotation devices, this is an easy-to-use choice that puts your pool light in a permanent location. Put on a show for pennies! This means that you can easily fit it into the water return hole while your pool is in use. Just keep in mind that it doesn’t work with metal pools. As a result of this, you will not be faced with frequent replacement of swimming pool lights. – In descriptions of various waterproof lights, you will get waterproof ratings. If you are an above-ground pool owner and want to create some beautiful lighting in your pool, try the Floating LED Pool Light for a tranquil look! Some pool lights are for decoration only, while others may even be too strong for smaller swimming pools. If not thick and sturdy enough, it may overload and possibly damage your system. It's the perfect way to take advantage of your water return when it's not in use. In fact, the disadvantages come mainly from selecting the wrong product or improper installation.