(This list is out of date but will be updated shortly.) 1. The following people were approved by the Co-Chairs of the HWS Rescue Committee after submitting an application describing their hedgehog experience, veterinary information, care plans, and assistance availability. UPDATE !!!! First off don't panic. We're adding rescue boarding to our services in support of that mission. A love of animals on its own is not enough to help a hedgehog in trouble. Hedgehog Rescue (Falmouth) Hedgehogs; Falmouth, Cornwall, Support this Site. They are not difficult to care for when you understand these needs, but unfortunately most shelters are unable to meet these needs. Norwich Hedgehog Rescue was founded by me, Claire Williamson, in 2008 because of my love of hedgehogs and the need for somewhere where sick, injured and orphaned hedgehogs from the local area can be cared for. We started out just as a hedgehog rescue in 2000. Hedgehogs are exotic pets that require specific care. Hedgehogs come in different colorations which will cause them to vary in price. For more info, contact me please.... by ahank - Somerset, Massachusetts - - 29 days ago Multiple all fancy colors hedgies - $250,450. Any local vet should take in wildlife and treat for free under their RCVS Code of Practice. If not, please go and get it. 3 talking about this. Hopefully you now have the hedgehog somewhere safe, warm and quiet. If you find a hedgehog you should get in touch with a hedgehog rescue centre and/or a vet at once. Welcome to OK Hedgehog Rescue. Hedgehogs are found in a variety of life threatening situations and we encourage you to check your gardens regularly. Hedgehogs which present injured, lifeless, squeaking or have fly eggs (look like clumps of tiny grains of rice) require URGENT attention, please phone or take the animal to the nearest rescue or vet IMMEDIATELY. Our hoglets start socializing as soon as their mom's let us safely hand them. We are family run and we will take in any stray hedgehog. Pro Igel. Rescue - Respond to calls from the public and vets. We can only take hogs from Sandy, Biggleswade and immediate surrounding area. Her herd has grown so large mostly, because she does not re-home her retired hedgies, but cares and nurtures them until the end. Special Pals is now Special Pals Rescue Resource Center and our mission, through collaboration with local rescue partners, is to continue to save as many animal lives as possible in Houston. I have an albino baby hedgehog looking for a forever home. Somewhere it can't escape from. * Being seen during the daytime is a cause for concern and usually indicates and poorly/injured hedgehog. In uncommon cases, some hedgehogs may even be available for adoption, so be sure to check small animal rescues or sites like Petfinder.com. We have since grown to offer hand-held baby hedgehogs since 2006 as well as maintain to be Indiana's Hedgehog Rescue. If you find a hedgehog that needs help and you’re not in that area, please see our other rescues page for details of other local rescue centres. A big THANK YOU to Edith from Victorino's Hedgehog Garden for being s  uch a great mentor. We believe in teaching hoglets about the smell and feel of different human hands. This can range from around $70 for … Helpwildlife.co.uk is a charity run website providing advice about sick, injured or problem wildlife, and a directory of UK wildlife rescue organisations. If you've found this website useful, … Our aim is to help any hedgehog in need, whatever its condition and provide it with the care and attention needed to achieve its recovery. As the largest breeder in WA State, Edith amazes me with her dedication to her herd and all the work she does. New England Hedgehog Rescue rescues exclusively hedgehogs. The HWS Rescue Facilities List is a resource managed by the HWS Rescue Committee.